Clarity IQ was founded by James Kingham and Natalie kelly to help businesses successfully transition their organisations from traditional low growth operational strategies to high value enterprise models by leveraging and optimising transformation more effectivley across their organisations.

After years of working within business technology organisations, designing and delivering end to end innovation, change and transformation projects to enterprise clients, James and Natalie knew from first hand experience just how challenging it was for businesses to successfully lead, manage, support and deliver enterprise digital transformation projects on their own.

James and Natalie quickly identified that whilst traditional vendors, service providers and  in-house teams did a great job of supplying solutions and supporting discrete business technology projects there was a significant gap when it came to holistically managing transformation across the enterprise. 

Many businesses starting the transformation journey face the challenge of not only navigating the complexities and the business wide impact of the transformation process itself but also have to be able to leveraging and optimising their current business processes and working practises whilst designing and developing new ones to accelerate business effectiveness and deliver the capability and results desired. 

Businesses needed a way to be able to drive maximum return on investment and deliver the enablement needed for innovation whilst achieving tangible results across the business. In short organisations needed to build their capability to transition from a traditional operations approach to an enterprise approach that’s capable of leveraging the digital economy and that’s where Clarity IQ comes in. 

In late 2013 James and Natalie formed a partnership to provide advisory, consultancy and professional services to businesses looking to successfully transition their organisations from traditional low growth operational strategies to high value enterprise models by leveraging transformation more effectivley across their organisations. They combined their vast knowledge, experience and expertise of business, management, technology, Service management and successful transformation management and delivery and developed a range of simple, lightweight yet powerful frameworks and tools for the successful management,(FastStepTM) implementation (FastScaleTM) and delivery (FastRailsTM) of enterprise digital transformation projects.

This growing portfolio of toolsets, frameworks and methodologies form the backbone of Clarity IQ’s digital transformation approach and are used and trusted by a growing number of businesses to drive and deliver successful transformation across the enterprise. 

Clients come to us because we have developed a unique agile approach that not only focuses on discrete functional transformation projects but holistically manages the end-to-end transformation lifecycle across the entire business Eco-system which in turn develops the robust strategies, capability and processes needed to successfully deliver the “Transformation Vision”.

Our mission is to support organisations and their people throughout the entire life-cycle of the transformation journey. All of the people involved in Clarity IQ are experts at delivering complex transformation projects across the entire business technology eco-system including, business management, technology, operations, service management, change, delivery and support.

Our key objectives are:

  • To build our clients capability to successfully lead, manage, support and deliver enterprise innovation, change and transformation across their organisations.
  • To provide solutions, support and tools in leadership, management, organisation, development, systems and process that enable businesses to successfully transform their organisations, their people and the way they do things.

Our holistic end-to-end transformation management lifecycle approach moves away from old traditional ineffective silo’d practices and in doing so brings together a cohesive approach that significantly decreases risk, cost and effort whilst increasing agility, impact, return on investment, business value and overall business wide adoption.

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