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We are passionate about helping our clients to build the enterprise wide capability needed to lead, manage, support and deliver transformation successfully across the enterprise to deliver tangible business value. Our practice-based approach, powered by our FastStepTM range of frameworks, methodologies and toolsets , ensures organizations can leverage and sustain their work as they evolve and adapt to changing market requirements. Whether you’re a small team or a team of teams developing for the Industrial Internet, our approach will scale with your needs.
Built upon 30+ years of combined knowledge, experience and expertise gf helping business to develop their transformation capability we have developed a range of process driven tools that educate, accelerate and build your businesses transformation capability to successfully lead, manage, support and deliver transformation holistically across the enterprise.

FastStepTM – End-To-End Transformation Lifecycle Management
Our flagship methodology helps business to solve one of the biggest transformation challenges facing businesses undertaking transformation projects is building the capability to successfully transition from slow low growth stratagies to agile high value platforms that leverage digital scale. Clarity IQ’s unique FastStepTM, FastScaleTM and FastRailsTM frameworks & toolsets are the only methods capable of helping businesses to proactivley lead, manage, support and deliver transformation holistically across the entire business-eco system rather than silo’d transformation areas like doves.

LeanScaleTM – LEAN For The Enterprise
Clarity IQ’s enterprise LeanScaleTM methodology helps organisation of any size sector and business model to leverage and optimises, systems, processes, and working practices to transition from traditional high waste, Developing lean practices workflows, process and systems to help accelerate growth, reduce overhead, wastage and optimising businesses to become LEAN enterprises. Leveraging, optimising and designing lean practices, process
DevOpsTM  – Our core DevOPS, transition approach. Using our own toolset built form years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the IT industry we have We help organisation transition from slow silo, operational workflows to high value continuous delivery development models.
ServiceTM – ServiceNow platform optimisation
We have developed a robust approach utilising a number of our methodologies to help organisation leverage and optimise thier service management tools in order to make the transition from operational to enterprise across their organisations. 
FastScaleTM – Agile Scaling for the enterprise  FastScaleTM Leverages and optimises LEAN agile principles as a key enabler for businesses to deliver at agile at enterprise scale. Traditionally agile methods have been best most effective within small groups managing discrete workloads. FastScaleTM helps businesses to manage and implement agile at scale across the enterprise.
FastRailsTMTransformation Delivery
Clarity IQ’ s transformation delivery methodology FastRailsTM is focused upon the holistic delivery of transformation programmes, portfolios and projects. FastRailsTM forms a universal approach to transformation delivery and assurance. FastRailsTM is not designed to be a replacement for your chosen project management methodologies like waterfall and agile, it’s a complimentary way to centralise the management of many different transformation streams across disparate areas of a businesses eco-system.