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Change and Tranformation are quite literally re shaping and re inventing the world around us and it’s happening at an expotential rate. Developing the ability to quickly and proactivley identify emerging opportunities, respond to changing markets, enhance customers experiences whilst meeting growing  demands and expectations are no longer “nice to have” skills. Today these competencies are the cornerstone capabilities found within every successful organisation, and we are helping businesses to make that transition. Using our deep industry knowledge, experience and expertsie alongside our unique FastStepTM framework & Capability toolsets we are able to help businesses to quickly build the capability needed to successfully Lead, Manage, Support and Deliver change & Transformation across the enterprise.

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  Foundation Services

Our FastStepTM foundation services combine strategy creation, business analysis,  and capability assesement. These elements are the cornerstone starting point in being able to accurtley ascertain the scope, breadth, requirements and businesss capabilities of any organisation when it comes to critical change & transformation programs, projects and inititives .

Our foundation services delivers measurable value and benefit to organisations of any size, type & business sector who are undertaking key transformation projects. All services are modular and can be implimented in isolation or combined with a number of related services to form a cohesive end-to-end transformation project lifecycle management process.


Implimenting Agile 

Enterprise wide Agile transformation continues to be a growing priority for many organisations and whilst leveraging these approaches can deliver rapid increases in revenue and profits, implimentation remains a significant challange. Clarity IQ have developed a simple adaptive approach for developing, managing and delivering Agile transformation capabilities into a businesses existing organisational structures, systems, & processes that reduces both risk & uncertainty whilst delivering the fundemental building blocks needed for  successful transformation and evolution.

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Project Delivery

Businesses are increasingly reliant upon their ability to successfully manage and deliver projects effectively. Clarity IQ helps organisations to accelerate their project delivery by leveraging and optimising practices, systems, processes and methodologies across the entire project lifecycle. Regardless of  chosen project management methodology our clients typically achieve significant rises in project success rates with many seeing increases from circa 30% to 90% and in some cases even more. Proect Services include project planning, Agile methodologies, optimisation, acceleration, planning, management and Project recovery.  

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Technology is a key business enabler when it comes to efficiant and effective transformaion. Clarity IQ specialise in helping organisations build their capability to leverage technology more effectivley across the enterprise.  We can help to advise on how to leverage emerging technologies like Microservices, AI, Robotics and Blockchain more effectivley, Develop in-house DevOps teams, run POC’s, assist with vendor and technology selection, define enterprise Architecture, solution design, project management, techncial leadership and on-going delivery support and advisory.  Our latest projects include CI & CD, Automation, Big Data Analytics, MicroServices, Cloud Migration and Integrations, re engineering storage architecture and AI integration with Service Now. Our key differentiator is that we are completley independent and as such are technology, vendor and solution agnostic This approach ensures that our advise, reccomendations and guidence are completely unbiased and always in the best inrerests of our clients.   



Service-Go is our UK based remote Service-Now adminsitration, support & development service designed to provide a full range of support service to organisations looking for temporary resourcing, burst capacity or additional help to carry put Service Now projects, system upgrades and application development 

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FastStepTM i360

Our unique FastStepTM change & transformation lifecycle management framework, companion i360 & 3D capability tools provides any business with the ability to rapidly build transformation capability, generate momentum & deliver effective predictable change results throughout their organisations.


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